Bendix King

Bendix King

2024 NIRSC Radio Programming Guides

Use: used to communicate with surrounding agencies on mutual aid incidents, most commonly wildland incidents.


  • VHF radio
  • Has its own USER programmable COMMAND GROUP
  • Frequencies broken into:
    • 25 groups
    • 20 channels
    • Total of 500 available channels.
  • 12 Character 2 line display
  • 20-24 oz
  • Operating temperature -30 deg to 60 deg C
  • BK shall be placed in the unit charger and shall be removed once the battery is fully charged.
  • Every Saturday or after heavy use the spare battery shall be fully charged and removed from the charger.
  • Monthly maintenance
    • 1st of the All hand held batteries shall be cycled through the battery Tri-Analyzer and marked with a colored dot indicating the date and the M.A.H. (milli-amp hours) at the completion of the test.  Batteries failing the test or that are in need of replacement will be sent through channels with the Form 210-6 to the Comm Tech in training.
    • Minimum A.H. standard is labeled on Tri- Analyzer


Talk with a normal voice, radio 2-3 inches from face

  • Change group
    • Turn on
    • Press #

  • Press desired group number (1-25)
  • Press ENT
  • Change channel
    • Turn knob until you reach the desired channel
      • Beep at 1 or 20
    • Repeater tones
      • 16 California Sate wide tones, but 32 pre-set in radio
      • Definition: a sub-audible tone that is broadcasted as soon as you press the push to talk button, it unlocks the repeater for use.
      • Most FD use the same transmit and receive frequencies but different tones in order to access more than one
      • Press button of what number you need
      • If you hear a beep another tone has already been
      • Tone is visible in display under channel name
    • Scan
      • ADD channel
        • SCAN toward the front
        • Channel selector knob to the channel you want to scan
        • Press ENT
          • SCN will appear in the display window above the frequency
        • Move toggle toward back of radio and SCN will flash in display window
      • DELETE channel
        • SCAN toward front
        • Channel selector knob to the channel you want to scan
        • Press CLR button
          • SCN will disappear from display window
        • Command group
          • Can set up to 20 channels from throughout radio as COMMAND GROUP
          • Enter channel into command group
            • Go to desired channel
            • Press *
            • Display will read CMND CHAN
          • Delete channel from command group
            • Go to desired channel
            • Hold * and press #
          • Delete entire Command Group
            • Press and hold * until display reads CMND EMPTY
              • High pitched beeps will be omitted until its all deleted, then it will be low pitched
            • Get to Command Group
              • Press # twice
                • Display says group number and GRP CMND
              • Press ENT
            • Lock Keypad